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About Us

We don't believe in overpaying for home improvement.

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Giving you your time back

With over 50 years of home remodeling experience, we've learned a few things. We know that home improvement companies dramatically overcharge for the actual work. We know that they can provide pricing over the phone or online, but they want their salespeople to have a crack at you. 

We're here to save you from hours upon hours of meetings and phone calls. We'll give you multiple quotes from our trusted installers without the predatory sales tactics.


Cutting cost, not quality

Home improvement companies (all of them) subcontract their work. This means that you are not just paying for the work, you are paying for the work AND for the home improvement company to tell you who can do it.

We believe you should pay only for the work, not for some sales rep to talk at you for hours. With QuoteSatellite, you only pay for the work.

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Bringing the future to your doorstep

Our founders saw a problem in the remodeling world and decided to fix it. Despite the technological advancements in the industry, companies refused to use the technology to save their customers money, instead pocketing it for themselves.

That's where we come in. We merge the right people with the right technology to produce something beautiful: price transparency.

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